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Child Focus, the Foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, works 24/7 to counter the disappearance and sexual exploitation of children, both offline and online. Through its preventative work, Child Focus seeks to give young people information and responsibility and to teach them to use the Internet in a responsible way in order to limit the risks and maximize the opportunities. We firmly believe it is equally crucial to raise the awareness of parents, teachers and social workers and to inform them about the advantages and risks of the Web, so that they can promote its positive use to young people while also showing them ways of managing any problems encountered.
On children and young people can find tips and tricks for safe surfing. Parents and professionals will find a lot of information, advice on educating children and educational tools. Child Focus focuses above all on the communication aspects of the Internet: social networks, online friends, privacy, online reputations, sex and the Internet… Child Focus also provides training for parents, teachers, the police and safety organisations, social workers and everyone who comes into contact with children and young people.
Finally, Child Focus also operates a helpline for anyone with a question or problem relating to Internet use by minors. Specialist advisors listen, look for solutions, provide a listening ear or give advice. The helpline can be accessed by phone (116 000), chat ( or e-mail (

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