Department of Education and Training of the Flemish Government


The Flemish Government Ministry of Education and Training (Department of Education and Training) supports the minister via a wide range of activities and policy directions.

One of the Ministry of Education’s specific missions is to promote a policy of integrating information and communication technologies (ICT) into schools.

E‑safety is thus an explicit part of the aims pursued since 2007. This gives schools a framework for working towards safe use of ICT.

The Ministry of Education has introduced the e‑Safety label to help educational institutions implement this aim.

Schools are thus not isolated with regard to safe use of ICT.

Cooperative links have been established with industry, science and civil organisations like KlasCement, de Gezinsbond (League of Families), Child Focus and Kenniscentrum Mediawijsheid.

Through such partnerships the Ministry of Education plans to promote awareness-raising and information campaigns and to develop tools for school use and specific training initiatives like MediaCoach.

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