Creating a Better Internet for All: How to include and support vulnerable groups?

Not everyone has the access, means or skills to participate fully in our digital society. Therefore, we feel it is important to improve our media literacy initiatives so that they better meet the needs and expectations of digitally and socially vulnerable audiences.

Our question was the following: How can our media literacy initiatives include and support vulnerable groups? In the framework of the European project ‘Belgian Better Internet Consor- tium (B-BICO)’, CSEM, Média Animation and Mediawijs brought together professionals, practi- tioners and experts between March and November 2021 to discuss this question.

During these «Betternet Labs», professionals from the sectors of digital inclusion, poverty, literacy and media literacy were invited to testify about the social and digital inequalities their beneficiaries are facing and to reflect on how media literacy could address them.

Secondly, during a second Bet- ternetlab, we more specifically examined the issue of supervision of children’s media practices within vulnerable families.

These meetings allowed us to identify nine main recommendations addressed to policy makers and education stakeholders.

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By Média Animation for B-BICO