Recommendations for a Better Internet !

How to create a better Internet for children and young people !

The recommendations are based on findings of the Belgian Better Internet Consortium, after setting up a series of labs to gather opinions from experts on challenges in the digital era that young people face today.
In addition, a survey was conducted among children between 6 and 18 years old to get a realistic view of their media use, both in the Flemish community (Apestaartjaren 8) and the French community (#Génération2020). This resulted in 3 topics worth taking a closer look at, which we’ll discuss in this brief.

How to get one step ahead of fake news
How to find a balance between on-and offline
How to move sexting away from victim blaming

Let’s discover here our recommendation through text format here (in English) or through video (FR/NL)

BBICO_PolicyBrief from Mediaraven vzw on Vimeo.

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By Média Animation for B-BICO