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Today, the landscape of initiatives related to cybersecurity, e-safety, education and the promotion of a better internet for children is very fragmented in Belgium.

Many of the existing initiatives concerning safety are mostly unknown among the general public, which makes it very difficult for the Belgian citizen to find his way in the landscape of e-safety initiatives looking for informative, resources, tools, etc. Due to a lack of collaboration or dialogue, the resources that often already are very rare, are spent rather inefficiently.

The Belgian Better Internet Consortium wants to gather and streamline all Belgian actors and expertise involved in e-safety and online media literacy and concretely work together by taking joint initiatives, for instance via the creation of a “one-stop shop” for the Belgian general public. The organisations that are member of the consortium work on very diverse topics, going from technical safety, safe use to a better use of the internet. 

In order to guarantee the quality of the consortium and to meet proven needs, the creation was preceded by a qualitative mapping to define, situate and describe the existing practices and actors concerning e-safety and online media literacy /of all relevant stakeholders and existing resources. You can access the database of online media literacy initiatives Dutch-speaking initiatives here. The French- and Germanspeaking initiatives can be found here.

The members of the Consortium are:

On the occasion of the Safer Internet Day 2019, B-BICO members, with the support of civil society organizations, drafted a memorandum on the digital rights of children and young people. The memorandum contains a number of recommendations and concrete examples of measures to achieve them.
Download the full note here.

If you want your organisation to join the consortium, please contact Child Focus via

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