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Welcome to the Belgian Better Internet Consortium: together we strive for a better internet for children and young people!

From a safer internet towards a better internet for kids and young people.

It is clear as a whistle that the internet provides infinite advantages for children and young people. But on the other hand we can’t deny that it also comes with some risks.

That is why a lot of organizations work together towards a ‘safer’ internet. But in this Belgian Better Internet Consortium, the member-organizationswant to look further than that. Whilst a ‘safer internet’ is particularly focussing on the possible risks and the protection of kids and youngsters online, the concept of a ‘better internet’ delivers a mainly positive message.

The internet is actually a fantastic thing that provides positive opportunities and empowers children and young people to reach their full potential… as long as you know how to deal with it!

And just like when you teach somebody to ride a bike in traffic, we need to provide the wright framework so we can empower them to deal with those risks and become true reflecting digital citizens with a positive vision towards digital media.

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